Jeff Dean (SVP/Senior Fellow Google) at GA Tech

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It was great to host Jeff Dean during his recent visit to Georgia Tech It’s not every day that Google’s head of artificial intelligence visits Georgia Tech, but when he does ... Read more..

The Minds of the New Machines | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech’s Research News

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A nice write-up in Georgia Tech's Research Horizons Magazine about ML@GT Machine learning has been around for decades, but the advent of big data and more powerful computers has increased its ... Read more..

TEDx Talk (2017) on “Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence” at TEDxCentennialParkWomen

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 Posted in In The News, Interesting, Machine Learning, Presentations, Videos | No Comments » A TEDx talk that I recently did. In this talk, the speaker takes you on a journey of how AI systems have evolved over time. DIRECTOR OF MACHINE LEARNING AT GEORGIA ... Read more..

Paper in IJCNN (2017) “Towards Using Visual Attributes to Infer Image Sentiment Of Social Events”

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Paper [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2017-Ahsan-TUVAIISSE] Abstract Widespread and pervasive adoption of smartphones has led to instant sharing of photographs that capture events ranging from mundane to life-altering happenings. We propose to capture sentiment information ... Read more..

Presentation at the Machine Learning Center at GA Tech on “The New Machine Learning Center at GA Tech: Plans and Aspirations”

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Machine Learning at Georgia Tech Seminar Series Speaker: Irfan Essa Date/Time: March 1, 2017, 12n Abstract The Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC) for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech (ML@GT) was established in Summer 2016 to ... Read more..