TEDx Talk (2017) on “Bridging Human and Artificial Intelligence” at TEDxCentennialParkWomen

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZE8JK6txBs A TEDx talk that I recently did. In this talk, the speaker takes you on a journey of how AI systems have evolved over time. DIRECTOR OF MACHINE LEARNING AT GEORGIA ... Read more..

Paper in Artificial Intelligence (2009): “A novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of human activities”

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A novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of human activities Raffay Hamid, Siddhartha Maddi, Amos Johnson, Aaron Bobick, Irfan Essaand Charles Isbell (2009) "A novel sequence representation for unsupervised analysis of ... Read more..

Event: AAAI 2008 Special Track on Physically-Grounded AI

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I am Co-Chairing  with Drew Bagnell (CMU), Wolfram Burgard (University of Frieberg) a Special Track on Physically-Grounded AI. See AAAI-08: Twenty-Third Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Chicago, IL, USA. The goal ... Read more..

Paper AAAI (2002): “Recognizing Multitasked Activities from Video using Stochastic Context-Free Grammar”

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D. Moore and I. Essa (2002). "Recognizing multitasked activities from video using stochastic context-free grammar", in Proceedings of AAAI 2002. [PDF | Project Site] Abstract In this paper, we present techniques ... Read more..

Paper: AI Magazine (1999) “Computers Seeing People”

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Irfan A. Essa "Computers Seeing People", AI Magazine 20(2): Summer 1999, 69-82 Abstract AI researchers are interested in building intelligent machines that can interact with them as they interact with each ... Read more..