The Minds of the New Machines | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech’s Research News

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A nice write-up in Georgia Tech's Research Horizons Magazine about ML@GT Machine learning has been around for decades, but the advent of big data and more powerful computers has increased its ... Read more..

Real-Time Captcha Technique Improves Biometric Authentication | College of Computing

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A short write-up on one of my recent publications. A new login authentication approach could improve the security of current biometric techniques that rely on video or images of users’ faces. ... Read more..

Paper in IPCAI 2017 on “Video and Accelerometer-Based Motion Analysis for Automated Surgical Skills Assessment”

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Paper [bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2017-Zia-VAMAASSA] Abstract Purpose: Basic surgical skills of suturing and knot tying are an essential part of medical training. Having an automated system for surgical skills assessment could help save experts ... Read more..