Paper in CVIU 2013 “A Visualization Framework for Team Sports Captured using Multiple Static Cameras”

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[bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2013-Hamid-VFTSCUMSC] Abstract We present a novel approach for robust localization of multiple people observed using a set of static cameras. We use this location information to generate a visualization of ... Read more..

Paper in ACM Ubicomp 2013 “Technological approaches for addressing privacy concerns when recognizing eating behaviors with wearable cameras”

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[bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2013-Thomaz-TAAPCWREBWWC]  Abstract First-person point-of-view (FPPOV) images taken by wearable cameras can be used to better understand people's eating habits. Human computation is a way to provide effective analysis of FPPOV ... Read more..

Paper in ACM KDD 2013 “Detecting insider threats in a real corporate database of computer usage activity”

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[bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2013-Senator-DITRCDCUA] Abstract This paper reports on methods and results of an applied research project by a team consisting of SAIC and four universities to develop, integrate, and evaluate new approaches ... Read more..

At ICVSS (International Computer Vision Summer School) 2013, in Calabria, ITALY (July 2013)

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Teaching at the ICVSS 2013, in Calabria, Italy, July 2013 (Programme) Computational Video: Post-processing Methods for Stabilization, Retargeting and Segmentation Irfan Essa (This work in collaboration withMatthias Grundmann, Daniel Castro, Vivek Kwatra, Mei ... Read more..

Paper in IEEE CVPR 2013 “Geometric Context from Videos”

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[bibtex file=IrfanEssaWS.bib key=2013-Raza-GCFV] Abstract We present a novel algorithm for estimating the broad 3D geometric structure of outdoor video scenes. Leveraging spatio-temporal video segmentation, we decompose a dynamic scene captured by a ... Read more..