Paper: IEEE CVPR (2007) “Tree-based Classifiers for Bilayer Video Segmentation”

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Yin, Pei Criminisi, Antonio Winn, John Essa, Irfan (2007), Tree-based Classifiers for Bilayer Video Segmentation In Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2007. CVPR ... Read more..

Showcase: DVFX 2007 Video Productions

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DVFX 2007 Video Productions Final Screening for CS4480 (Digital Video Special Effect) Course, Spring 2007 was held at April 26, 2007 in TSRB (85 5th Street NW, Altanta, GA 30308) at ... Read more..

Paper: IEEE ICASSP (2007) “Incorporating Phase Information for Source Separation via Spectrogram Factorization”

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Parry, R.M. Essa, I. (2007) "Incorporating Phase Information for Source Separation via Spectrogram Factorization." In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2007. ICASSP 2007. 15-20 April 2007, Volume: 2, page(s): ... Read more..

Paper: ACM IWVSSN (2006) “Unsupervised Analysis of Activity Sequences Using Event Motifs”

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R. Hamid, S. Maddi, A. Bobick, I. Essa. "Unsupervised Analysis of Activity Sequences Using Event Motifs", In proceedings of 4th ACM International Workshop on Video Surveillance and Sensor ... Read more..