CVPR 2010: Accepted Papers

We have the following 4 papers that have been accepted for publications in IEEE CVPR 2010. More details forthcoming, with links to more details.
  • Matthias Grundmann, Vivek Kwatra, Mei Han, and Irfan Essa (2010) “Discontinuous Seam-Carving for Video Retargeting” (a GA Tech, Google Collaboration)
  • Matthias Grundmann, Vivek Kwatra, Mei Han, and Irfan Essa (2010) “Efficient Hierarchical Graph-Based Video Segmentation” (a GA Tech, Google Collaboration)
  • Kihwan Kim, Matthias Grundmann, Ariel Shamir, Iain Matthews, Jessica Hodgins, and Irfan Essa (2010) “Motion Fields to Predict Play Evolution in Dynamic Sport Scenes” (a GA Tech, Disney Collaboration)
  • Raffay Hamid, Ramkrishan Kumar, Matthias Grundmann, Kihwan Kim, Irfan Essa, and Jessica Hodgins (2010) “Player Localization Using Multiple Static Cameras for Sports Visualization” (a GA Tech, Disney Collaboration)

Tags: , | Categories: Activity Recognition, Computational Photography and Video, Jessica Hodgins, Kihwan Kim, Matthias Grundmann, PAMI/ICCV/CVPR/ECCV, Papers, Vivek Kwatra | Date: April 1st, 2010 | By: Irfan Essa |

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