Paper: ACM SCA (2002): “Controlled animation of video sprites”

Controlled animation of video sprites

  • Arno Schödl and Irfan Essa (2002), “Controlled animation of video sprites” Proceedings of the 2002 ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics symposium on Computer animation. ACM Press, Pages: 121 – 127 July 2002, San Antonio TX, ISBN:1-58113-573-4.  (DOI|PDF|WebSite)


We introduce a new optimization algorithm for video sprites to animate hamstersrealistic-looking characters. Video sprites are animations created by rearranging recorded video frames of a moving object. Our new technique to find good frame arrangements is based on repeated partial replacements of the sequence. It allows the user to specify animations using a flexible cost function. We also show a fast technique to compute video sprite transitions and a simple algorithm to correct for perspective effects of the input footage. We use our techniques to create character animations of animals, which are difficult both to train in the real world and to animate as 3D models.

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